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April 11 2015

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Unrant Video Intro!

Welcome to Unrant

Problem Solving Online!
We've all been there in our lives where we've had an issue in our lives. It could be a simple computer issue all the way to a personal health issue. When a problem arises, many people seem to look for a solution online. nine times out of 10, its impossible to find the correct answer online. It just seems like there is too much information that is "fluff". What do I mean by this? to put it simply, there is no concrete, direct endpoint in finding a solution. I'll explain this better with an example.

The other day, I was trying to find a solution to getting sweating issue. I looked online, and so many people were saying so many different answers. Some people were talking about solutions that included surgeries and getting medication. Other people were talking about changing up your lifestyle (drinking more water, consuming less fatty foods ect). The last third of this group of people trying to help me find a solution were trying to market me a product or have me spend my money. After a few hours, I threw in the towel. Why? Because I couldn't find a solution that worked for me. It's a waste of time when you look for a solution to a problem and you cannot find a direct solution.

Where Unrant Comes in
We were fed up with this problem. It just doesnt make sense that at this day in age, we cannot find a simple solution when looking around online. 

We started the community solution blog around a month ago and we will continue to push out information regarding helping you solve your daily issues. 

The topics we will continue to cover include : 
Computers and Internet Problems
Business Problems
Finding a Job
Video Games
Personal and Family Solutions
Holistic Solutions
Self-Help resources to end your current problem

Thanks for taking the time to read this short article. If you haven't checked out or website, head over to unrant.com to learn how to end your problem. We dont add fluff to our website. We want to provide enough value so that you can quickly figure out how to end your problems overnight (or sooner).

So what are you waiting for? Take a look at your site! Also, if you've personally experienced an issue, leave a comment below the posts and provide more value!

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